GlobeInvest Ventures is an India and United Kingdom business with a strong focus on real estate in all its facets: Residential, Commercial, Mixed-Use developments, Resorts, Hotels, etc. and investment banking advisory with offices in Mumbai , Durham and London.
Our ethos derives from Building Wealth through Relationships with clients in a variety of industries particularly Real Estate companies helping create and enhance stakeholders value through financial/ non-financial and strategic transactions. GlobeInvest offers a wide range of collaborative /Joint Venture arrangements and financing solutions including bank loans, structured debt, private equity, and venture capital. Our team members have comprehensive experience in India and the United Kingdom in the areas of Real Estate and Non-real estate Investments. With global connectivity and team experience in India and overseas, GlobeInvest is ideally positioned to advise on cross-border investments, financing, and M& transactions primarily in the Real Estate space.
Our team members have comprehensive experience in India and United Kingdom in the areas of Real Estate and Non real estate Investments

We proactively work with clients to create and enhance stakeholder value through financial and strategic transactions, but most of all by building open, honest and lasting relationships with real people

More specifically , we

  • Scout , evaluate and decide with collective wisdom of in-house team as well as outside experts if the opportunity is worth taking up
  • Facilitate the preparation of documents and presentations to promoters and potential stakeholders to take a well considered decision before making commitments
  • Help to Facilitate Due Diligence, Valuation, Legal Compliance and investment planning
  • Help with the negotiations between the parties , prepare documents such as LOI, EOI , Term Sheet, SHA etc
  • Assist with execution of documents and release of funds in to the projects
  • Monitor progress and report the same to stakeholders with an unbiased view
  • Be ready with the remedial measures if the circumstances demand so