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With professional experience, focusing on international bonds and debt syndication, we utilise our extensive network to negotiate with lending institutions and this has elevated us to a higher plane of success. Right now, HNW, UHNW and Sophisticated investors are thankful to GIVL for high quality investment opportunities.

What We Can Offer to You

Our ethos derives from Building Wealth through Relationships with clients in a variety of industries particularly start-up companies helping create and enhance stakeholders value through financial/ non-financial and strategic transactions. GlobeInvest offers a wide range of collaborative /Joint Venture arrangements and financing solutions including bank loans, structured debt, private equity and venture capital.

Our Core Focus areas

At the heart of our investment philosophy lies a dedication to our core focus areas, where we believe the greatest opportunities for growth and impact can be found. By staying true to these key pillars, we strive to deliver value to our clients and drive positive change on a global scale.

International Bonds

We offer a unique opportunity to diversify and strengthen investment portfolios with exposure to a variety of global economies.

Structured Debt Finance

At the forefront of our investment strategy is structured debt finance, where we leverage our expertise in risk management and financial engineering to create tailored solutions for our clients.

Start-up ecosystem

As a global investment company, we recognize the immense potential of the start-up ecosystem in driving innovation and growth across industries.


GlobeInvest Ventures Limited (GIVL), an India and UK based business entity with a strong focus on investments, including traditional, non-traditional and start-up ecosystem with global connectivity and team experience in India and overseas, GIVL is ideally positioned to advise on the cross-border investments and financing.

Our clients

With extensive experience and expertise in the investment industry, GlobeInvestVenture offers a wide range of investment options in various sectors.