GlobeInvest Ventures Limited (GIVL), an India and UK based business entity with a strong focus on investments, including traditional, non-traditional and start-up ecosystem with global connectivity and team experience in India and overseas, GIVL is ideally positioned to advise on the cross-border investments and financing.

Investment links between the UK and India are important. They are likely to gain traction for various reasons, such as the UK’s departure from the European Union. Raising finance for business growth in India and similar economies isn’t always easy. A debt offering aims to surmount obstacles and open avenues to growth.

Our ethos derives from Building Wealth through Relationships with clients in a variety of industries particularly start-up companies helping create and enhance stakeholders value through financial/ non-financial and strategic transactions.

GlobeInvest offers a wide range of collaborative /Joint Venture arrangements and financing solutions including bank loans, structured debt, private equity and venture capital.

What We Do

Indepth Equity Raising Expertise

Globeinvest's expertise is in running an efficient fund raising process that maximizes valuation and aligns management's interest with equity investors

  • Access to extensive network of domestic and global investors
  • Understanding of complex transaction-related issues
  • Diverse fund raising experience


  • Growth Capital
  • Acquisition Capital
  • Strategic Investments
  • Liquidity Events