Project Finance Proposition Overview

We work with a bespoke market disruptive project finance group offering funding for transactions across most sectors. Typically up to 100% funding can be provided at very competitive fixed interest rates. Their preference is for projects with an environmentally sound purpose or social benefit, with a particular focus on projects that satisfy one or more of the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals.
  • In operation for circa 10 years+
    Investment group with own capital to fund projects
  • 80+ projects financed to date
  • In excess of $10b financed in the current structure and circa $30b+ in total
  • They provide up to 100% financing
  • Generally they look at projects in excess of $50m, however we have a small cap
  • facility with them for transactions under $50m but over $10m
  • Generally the group require a financial cash backed instrument as security and do not
    take a charge or equity in the project. This amount can range from 20% to 100% of
    the project cost
  • The transactions offer very competitive interest rates and fees on drawdown.
  • Introducer can agree up to 2% to be added to the deal with the client
  • Interest rates based on SOFR USD 12 month rate plus between 20 and 450 basis
  • Flexible grace periods and terms are available
  • On small cap deals maximum drawdown is spread over 12 tranches every 30 banking
    days, on large cap 5 tranches every 30 banking days.


The Bond is solely aimed at professional investors such as Sophisticated and High Net Worth Investors,  Institutions, Family offices and Sovereign Wealth funds.


$2,000,000,000.00 European Medium-Term Bond



GlobeInvest Ventures Limited (GIVL), an India and UK based business entity with a strong focus on investments, including traditional, non-traditional and start-up ecosystem, is partnering with GAP Trade Finance PLC on the placement of listed Series 1 and 2 of a $2Billion bond, maturing on 31 August 2024, the series 1 being in the amount of USD 500,000,000 .00 (USD 500 M) and Series 2 being in the amount of USD 80,000,000.00 (USD 80 M). At the core of the venture is provision of funding for businesses and projects in countries such as India, Israel, Middle East and other fast-growing economies with whom the UK has strong investment links, such as Commonwealth countries that the UK seeks to reinforce post-Brexit investment strategies. The purpose of the bond is to “encourage free trade, fund infrastructure, trade finance and provide solid guarantees to individual investors.” In the words of Tony Gimple, Co-Founder and Director, GIVL – “We want to help create long-term, intergenerational wealth, through Hi-tech Innovative Businesses, Highly scalable start-ups, and growth oriented Projects across various geographies.” The bond is aimed at professional investors, such as HNIs, UHNI, Certified Sophisticated Investors, Institutions, family oces, Funds, large corporates who are into cross border trade and would like to park funds in foreign exchange to secure themselves against volatility and exchange fluctuation risks.

The Bond

On September 22nd 2022 GAP Trade Finance PLC, a newly formed UK registered company, listed Series 1 and 2 of a $2 Billion bond, maturing on 31 August 2024. The bond has been issued via the Vienna Stock Exchange for a 2-year fixed term.

Key Features

  • Offering 10.25% (gross), per annum paid quarterly
  • Two-year initial fixed term
  • Minimum investment of $500,000.00

Security Features

  • Trade finance profits are used to fund the underlying projects, this separates clients’ capital from the project risks
  • The capital is collaterally insured and Guaranteed through AAA Moody’s and investment grade securities held by GNMA Asset backed Fund Series LLC , USA ( called the Guarantor ) and GNMA Asset backed Guaranty Trust , USA ( called the Trustee) . Please visit for more information.
  • The bond issuance is arranged, promoted, and overseen by a UK FCA Regulated investment bank. Please visit and for more information on the arranger and the Issuer of the Bonds respectively.

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